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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/ABR/2005 11:57 PM
Assunto:  Re: slobber,dribble,drool
Mensagem:  The baby slobbers when it eats. Can I say instead : The baby drools when it eats. (Drool is saliva coming out of the mouth; slobber is usually the food the baby was eating. The baby dribbles when it eats. Babies don't usually drool and slobber at the same time. When they drool it's usually when they have a chupeta or are getting teeth.) Which one is more frequent in this sense? To dribble ? Neither is more frequent. What does the baby do more...dribble food when it eats or drool when it's asleep or teething? Depends on the person, on the baby, etc. You are trying to quantify something that can not be quantified. He drools when he sleeps and gets the pillowcase wet.Can I say instead: He slobbers drools when he sleeps and gets the pillowcase wet. Yes, you can say this but it sounds dumb. It means he drools and because of his movements he "throws" the drool/saliva around. It doesn't really happen this way. Just say one or the other. Drool is best when the person is asleep. Dogs slobber when they throw their saliva on you and lick you. People don't actually slobber too often unless they see Natalia do Vale in person. He dribbles when he sleeps and gets the pillowcase wet? As I said, I would use drool here. Which one is more frequent in this sense? To dribble

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