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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/ABR/2005 6:56 PM
Assunto:  Re: To TOM - colorir figuras
Mensagem:  How can you translate these sentences? Children like to draw figures.(desenhar figuras with pencils or pens - probably not with crayons) Crianças gostam de desenhar. (sem dizer com qual em mão seja um lapis, caneta, giz, pincel) Children like to paint scenes and figures (desenhar cenarios e figuras probably with crayons). Crianças gostam de pintar scenas e figuras. (sem dizer como) Children like to fingerpaint. (???????????) Crianças gostam de pintar com os dedos. (existe uma tinta especial para isto, não me lembro do nome....vem em jarras pequenas e sai da mão com agua) Children like to sketch STICK FIGURES.(????????????) Crianças gostam de desenhar figuras esboços (??????) ô¿ô *--l--* l _/\_ This is a stick figure. Color in means to fill in the colors. When kids get coloring books there are pictures made with lines. They are taught to color INSIDE the lines. That's coloring in. Kids who color outside the lines are considered to be the ones with more imagination. What did you do, Ricardo? Color means just that...colorir. It depends on what the drawing needs. Kids say "Let's color." and it means to get their coloring books and spend some time coloring in the pictures. Crayons (Crayola) has boxes of crayons that come in 16, 24, 48, 96 and 128 colors. Imagine what a kid with a vivid imagination could do!! Crayola is a brand name. Google to find out what it is. Sorry to insist but I want to be sure : color or color in - they are not frequently used or is it wrong to use it?

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