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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/ABR/2005 6:28 PM
Assunto:  Re: To Ana M
Mensagem:  Alo Masa! I will help you whenever I can, but from now on (doravante), please be very careful in how you type (like in some of your other messages). I do not want to spend time correcting typographical errors. If you want me to correct your English, you must first do your best. Some of the messages I have written in Portuguese took me over an hour to write. So, I will be glad to help you if you try your best first -- okay? :) :) :) Correções: piece by piece . . . I am very happy for you to be here in this Forum I am very happy that you are here in this Forum , and the way you explain is fantastic and the way you explain (things) is fantastic THANK YOU ! MUITO OBRIGADA !!! :) :) :) , you show a very good will doing that. Não faz sentido como você escreve aqui good will = (I think) boa vontade [The patron made a gesture of good will to the donor.] (o dicionário disse possa escrever numa palavra "goodwill" ou duas "good will") Não é correto dizer "very good will" Maybe you are trying to say: You seem to like to do that ??? Or: You are very good at giving (showing) examples ??? I don't know what you mean . . . but Thank You again :):):) So let me ask you some. So let me ask you something. Keep an eye on this nick "Masa" Keep an eye out for the nickname "Masa" and feel free to correct my English whenever you can or whenever you want to. Very good! I want to learn English more and more Very good! and if you correct me it would be of very use for me. a) and if you correct me it would be of good use to me b) and if you correct me it would be very useful to me. Geralmente, usamos "useful to me" e "useful for doing something" Your sentences are very useful to me. That new book is very useful for studying Portuguese. Também, possa usar a preposição "in": That new book is useful in instructing my students. Hope this helps you, Masa! :) :) :) Keep on trying. You did very well except for that one sentence where I'm not sure what your meaning was. Thank you again for your kind compliments. :) :) :) Ana

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