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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/ABR/2005 10:27 AM
Assunto:  Re: please help me with this question
Mensagem:  Hi Jose! How about this (with a few changes in words)?: 3 We learn a lot FROM another culture. 2 SOME aspects of a different culture can both excite and disappoint a foreign visitor. 4 Getting in contact with a second culture can bring about difficulties, since we are faced with different ways of living. 1 It can help us to understand our own. André's order is also good. Certainly, also, your 2-4-3-1 order would work, but the thought doesn't seem to flow as easily. A paragraph is all about introducing a subject, elaborating on it, and then summing up the thought, the introducing sentence (faz sentido?). If you take sentences 3 and 1, they combine well on their own: We learn a lot from another culture; it can help us to understand our own. So the "in between" sentences, 2 & 4, elaborate on this. My selection is further based upon sentence-length variety (so that the paragraph "reads well," reads smoothly), a hope to maintain thought flow and also avoidance of word duplication (i.e., "different" used twice in the same sentence). So, this is probably a matter of style -- this order and word change reflects my particular style. Always look for your own writing style; there are usually several ways to arrange sentences within a paragraph. Hope this input is of help to you. Boa sorte! :) :) :) Ana P.S. My personal preference would also be to omit the "to" before "understand": It can help us understand our own. There may be a grammatical reason to include the "to," but I usually omit it if not absolutely necessary -- again, my own style.

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