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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/ABR/2005 6:12 PM
Assunto:  Re: to Wauber-molhar o rosto
Mensagem:  Guys, you are amusing me :) :) :) I would advise against asking your girlfriend if she wants you to "smear" suntan lotion on her back (or legs, arms, etc.) She would most likely prefer that you put it on her by gently rubbing the cream/lotion on her smooth, silky skin so that she will become a golden goddess . . . You could also, verbally speaking, apply it onto her golden skin by smoothly rubbing it in. It is always advisable to first rub the lotion between your hands so that is it warm before you touch her rather than putting cold lotion directly onto her smooth, silky, sensitive skin. To smear something means to put too much of it on. Have you ever heard of a "smear campaign"? That is kind of like what went on between George Bush and John Kerry during last year's election campaign. Let me see if I can write a few sentences using a few of these and previously mentioned verbs: When I wash my face, I splash hot water onto it for a minute before I put any soap on. I usually end up splashing water all over the entire counter when I wash my face. When my boyfriend rubs his hands over my body . . . or when I rub lotion onto his smooth, creamy skin, I like to massage it in so that it will go deep into his pores . . . Do you always smear that much peanut butter on your sandwich? When that lawsuit hits the press, it is going to smear his good name. Ana Here're some more "splashing" sentences: I love to splash around in the water at the beach. Whenever someone dives into the pool, they splash water all over everyone else. That kid has a lot of fun splashing everybody. She's not swimming, she's just splashing around. Sometimes when I'm walking in the rain, a car driving by will hit a puddle and splash me with water.

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