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Autor:  Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/ABR/2005 2:43 AM
Assunto:  to ana
Mensagem:  Hi Ana,
Good luck with the portuguese language club you volunteered to run. I also organize a very small english club. It is quite a challenge at times and patience is a must i think.
I did some research on the internet before the english clubs first meeting and also researched book clubs ( how they function, different aproaches, activities.. etc etc).
Unfortunetly I did not keep the links that I found on-line about the matter.
Here is a well known english club in São Paulo ( not mine) www.englishclubbrazil.com
There is another Alexandre in this forum. I am the fluminense hating alexandre, this is my first message since the "could not, could care less" thread.
Best wishes for your club.

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