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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/ABR/2005 6:00 PM
Assunto:  Re: You and me or you and I that is the question.
Mensagem:  This is an old problem. It's just like in Portuguese. Which sentence has the better grammar: "1- My uncle took me and some friends" answer: "My uncle took me and some friends." Take out the words "and some friends" and see what you get. You would never say "My uncle took I to a movie." Would you say "Meu tio eu levou ao cinema?" No way. It's "Meu tio me levou ao cinema." or 2- "My uncle took some friends and I"? anwer: answered above. Can you say: "You and me are going to the cinema" or should you say : "You and I are going to the cinema" ? answer: remember this sentence has a plural verb. It's the second form: "You and I are going to the cinema." Take out "You and" and then change the verb to singular form: "I am going to the cinema." Can you say: My friend Rodrigo, my sister Patricia and I are going to the cinema? Answer: yes. However, having said all of the above. People use the I and me and don't pay too much attention to grammar. They speak incorrectly but rarely are corrected. Older people and people who care about grammar will roll their eyes and smile when they hear people speaking incorrectly. BUT.....there is so much worse being said (foul language, slang, hip hop, rap, etc) and so many people who mutter, sputter and have really strong regional accents that it's not so hard to listen to a minor grammar infraction. Oh, don't worry....my ears and brain register the infraction. If the person committing the little mistake is trying to impress me, to get a job, to show how good or how smart they are do you think that this doesn't set off an alarm? If they don't care about grammar and small potatoes then why should I trust them to be the person fixing the software problem in my computer. So, the idea is to communicate and that's paramount. Then clean up the grammar. How? Well, you are doing it by asking the right questions. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, it's Friday night....go out and have a cold beer and some pizza....get a calabreza and as you are eating it ask yourself this question: "Can I get a calabreza pizza in the USA?"

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