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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  30/ABR/2005 2:46 AM
Assunto:  Re: From a vantage point - Eng > Port
Mensagem:  Alo Márcio! It would help to see the whole sentence. But see if some of this helps you: Sample sentences: From that vantage point, we can see the boats clearly on the sea. Desde aquela ponta da vista, possamos ver bem claro os barcos . . . From where I stand, things look pretty good. Daqui mesmo, as coisas . . . Webster's New World Dictionary disse: "1 a) a position, situation, etc., more advantageous than that of an opponent b) a position that allows a clear and broad view, understanding, etc. (also vantage point) 2 [Chiefly British]Tennis short for advantage" So, maybe: ... desde esta/aquela ponta vantajosa . . . It depends on whether you are talking about a physical location or like a mental attitude ("broad view, understanding") (vantage point – ponta da vista de onde possa ver bem claro – I'm not sure on the "mental attitude" vantage point in Portuguese) or an advantageous position (maybe: desde esta/aquela situação/condição vantajosa, ...) . There is probably a better way to translate "vantage point" into Portuguese if it means this latter, advantageous position, but I'm not familiar with it. Does this help you? Se não, voce terá de esperar para os peritos :) :) :) Um abraço, Ana

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