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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  22/ABR/2003 1:48 PM
Assunto:  soccer x football
Mensagem:  Hello People I am aware that Americans call "soccer" what almost the rest of the world call "football" because in the US football is what we in Brazil call "futebol Americano", I'd like to know how in Britain, for instance, where people call "soccer":"football" can tell the difference between "soccer" and "football" or better how any native speaker of English which uses the term "football" differ it from "futebol americano". I know this message came out kind of confusing, Hope you understood my question. José Roberto

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 soccer x football  –  José Roberto  22/ABR/2003, 1:48 PM
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