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Autor:  Lu
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/MAI/2005 4:19 PM
Assunto:  Re: Marco Pollo
Mensagem:  How to Play Marco Polo
This swimming pool game is fun for kids of all ages.


1. Get in the pool.

2. Close your eyes and call out "Marco."

3. Listen for the other players to answer with "Polo."

4. Swim with your eyes closed in the direction of a voice.

5. Call out "Marco" several more times if you like, always waiting to hear "Polo" in response.

6. Tag any player, and you are no longer Marco.

The Other Players

1. Get in the pool.

2. Answer "Polo" every time you hear the word "Marco."

3. Swim away from Marco to avoid being tagged.

4. Become Marco the instant you are tagged.

You must answer every shout of "Marco" that you hear.

You cannot get out of the pool to escape being tagged. If Marco thinks someone has gotten out of the pool, he or she shouts, "Fish out of water!" A player outside the pool when this is called becomes the new Marco.

Overall Warnings:
Only play in a pool with a lifeguard or responsible adult watching.

Listen for the water rippling from people moving around.

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