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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/MAI/2005 1:00 PM
Assunto:  To Snow, just for fun
Mensagem:  Hi again, Snow! Here's a sample writing – hot off the press: Here's what my New Year's Eves used to be like. It was a three-day event for us. Our family would pack everything up in the car and head out to "Sage Hen's Ranch," where some family friends had a "guest ranch" out in the middle of the desert, the Mohave Desert in California. We would see family friends we had not seen since the year before. I loved the desert! I would go out and hunt rocks all day – the shinier, the better! Sometimes I would spot a rabbit and there were a lot of cows out there, too. My brothers and dad use to shoot skeet (clay discs) for target practice. I tried that once and that was enough! At any rate, on New Years' Eve, after dinner we would play "charades," a game where you try to get the other people to guess the name of a book or a movie, but you had to gesture with your arms, make facial expressions, etc., you could not say anything (i.e., pantomime). Slowly, as the evening wore on, the parents would start getting pretty sloshed (i.e., drunk) and that was always fun for us kids to watch :) :) :) The evening would end with everyone holding hands around the big dining room table singing "Auld Lang Syne" and, ah yes, that wonderful New Year's Eve kiss all around . . . :) :) :) When I left my parents' home, I was surprised to find out how New Year's Eve was celebrated in the city. I remember being in Hollywood one time on this date and taking a walk. Several strange men came up to me and tried to kiss me! And everyone was honking their car horns! Very Crazy! Very noisy! Nothing at all like the rather sedate family environment I had experienced. Hope you enjoyed this and that it gives you some ideas. Um abraço, Ana

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