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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  26/ABR/2003 5:48 PM
Assunto:  Re: Equivalência
Mensagem:  Let's see, taking Pat's sentence as an example: "They will have been and gone by the time we get there" "Eles já TERÃO VINDO e IDO embora no momento em que nós chegarmos aqui." Such sentence is very uncommon in Portuguese, the given example would have words (adverbs) like "já" or others like "embora", It's still hard for me to elaborate a very concise example using this "WILL HAVE" in Portuguese, normally we use something to show the unsureness of this future action: Temo que eu não conseguirei ler este livro até antes do Natal. I'm afraid I won't have read this book before Christmans. As you can see we tend to use the Portuguese counterpart to can and be able to (conseguir, poder) to show whether the action will or not be complete in a given period. Will she have typed all the letters until eleven? Será que ela vai conseguir terminar de digitar todas as cartas até as onze? Does anyone has more examples to show the equivalence of the Future Perfect? Phrase examples can be found on: SIQUEIRA, Valter Lellis. O VERBO INGLÊS TEORIA E PRÁTICA. Ática, page 73. José Roberto

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