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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/JUN/2005 6:10 PM
Assunto:  Re: revisar
Mensagem:  Tom thanks a lot! How can I say...E OLHA QUE EU SOU addicted to chocolate! Can I say `I had a dating(refering to my wife or husband)My husband lives in another city.I went to see him, go back to Brasília and someone asks me:What did you do in Goiania?and I reply:I had a date(with my husband) Answer: the "e olha que eu sou" out of context is "and look how I'm addicted..." We don't say that we had a dating. Dating is what we do. Either a person is dating or they are not. It means that they are actively going out on dates. The noun is "date" and a date is a programa ......ah, ah.....no dirty thinking here.....a nice programa. I went on a date! My husband lives in another city. I went to see him. Getting back to Brasília someone asked me, "What did you do in Goiania?" and I replied, "I had a date with my husband." I hope you had something good in Goiania, maybe some hot caldo de feijão in a small glass and with it, in a second small glass, some really good cachaça.

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