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Autor:  Mick Rob
E-mail:  getget@australia.edu
Data:  30/ABR/2003 6:52 PM
Assunto:  Re: Future Perfect
Mensagem:  Hi all thanks for the enjoyable discussion – I used to teach in Italy and I was discussing some stuff with a Brazilian friend here in Sydney and they said to check out this forum – maybe once this person has improved their english sufficiently they’ll teach me some Portuguese (seems pretty damn hard though, especially the sounds/pronunciation) I hope to present ideas in a direct way but certainly no offence/conflict intended or taken at any time – just the joy of knowledge The two tense two aspect verb is a beautiful structure - if the tense are 1 and 2 and the aspects A and B then we find the following (with their ‘so-called tense names’ in brackets) 1 (present simple) - go 1A (present continuous) - am going 1B (present perfect) - have gone 1AB (present perfect contiuous) - have been going 2 (past simple) - went 2A (past continuous) - was going 2B (past perfect) - had gone 2AB (past perfect continuous) - had been going as you all know from 'thompson and martinet'-type explanations there are so many exceptions and twists and turns in the time-based accounts that the whole structure needs to be overhauled - the time-based explanation was a structure imposed by 19 century grammaraians who sought to elevate the prestige of English by associating it with latin (typical academic correctness and conformity) but the english verb didn't fit the structure then and doesn't now and teachers are left with these absurb time-based explanations of something which is clearly operating on a different principle this two-part verb structure is reflected in the modal auxiliaries: 1 will can may shall must 2 would could might should ---- the ideas related to the proximate and remote tenses can wait; as well as the definition of aspect and mod aux.s any suggestions why there’s only one form of ‘must’? apologies to all those bored by grammar discussions Ciao tutti Mick Rob

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