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Autor:  Zeca
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/JUN/2005 11:19 AM
Assunto:  Re: CNBC in Brazil
Mensagem:  What do you mean by developed country? Brazil as a rich nation like the G-7? Well, if you are implying that Brazil can become something like the U.S., it surely has a long way to go. Listen, developed nation, a term used to define most of Western countries, means much more than just per-capita. It also means real basic rights for all, real basic opportunities for one to succeed in life, jail time for the corrupted etc. Talking about corruption, it's everywhere; even a developed nation has its share of it, politics included. However, what puts a country like the U.S. at odds with Brazil in this subject is that there the corrupt is punished, most of the time, whoever he/she might be, while in Brazil... So, next time you think about Brazil as a possible developed country, also think about how small deeds, like the bribes most of Brazilians give to cops to avoid penalties, keep the country in the so-called block of developing nations, whatever that is.

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