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Autor:  Puzzled Brazilian
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/JUN/2005 5:05 PM
Assunto:  Re: CNBC in Brazil (II)
Mensagem:  Zeca, Call me romantic but I'd rather live in Brazil, in any part of Brazil, than to live in Russia, China, or India. I don't like the hindi culture. Russians seem to have lost hope. And chinese are way different, maybe they have great values but I don't really appreciate their culture. Brazil needs to model its society more and more towards developed civilizations such as the U.S. We need "free enterprise" in Brazil just like the United States has it now, in other words...when someone is able to buy the last model of the BMW make at an interest of 0.5 to 3.0 per cent a year (APR) that's free enterprise for me. One our students will be able to have studant loans, and will be able to defer their payments till after graduation at a fixed interest of 2.5 APR, then Brazil will be on the right path towards become a developed nation. The U.S.A is what it is because they have a constitution which is respected, they have a flag that is revered, and they have a wonderful free enterprise system. In my opinion, without a free enterprise system compared in its best form the the free enterprise system of the U.S. Brazil will spend another 500 years on the threadmill without getting nowhere. Look at Russia, China, India, look at their social challenges, they'll be good enough to teach us only when they start fixing their own broken system. Just because China buy our wood it doesn't make China an example to follow. Just because Chinese production workers make 50 dollars a month it doesn't make China a powerful nation.

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