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Autor:  Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/JUL/2005 4:35 PM
Assunto:  Ficar
Mensagem:  I wanted to restart the whole "ficar" debate. This is Tom´s take on it (take on it= entendimento sobre). Uma gíria essa expressão. "and then, there’s the word ficar. I’ve decided it’s “going steady” which means that a guy and gal are friends, go together almost exclusively, go on dates, study together, go to dances, games, etc but even though they kiss and hold hands they do not have sex. No sex. Maybe some hugs and maybe snuggling on the couch while watching tv (her Dad is in the same room) but no sex. If that’s “ficando” then we are on the right track. Go to: http://www.revistapsicologia.com.br/materias/hoje/m_hoje_antesdonamoro.htm and see if you agree" I think "ficar" is to HOOK UP. For example a guy meets a girl at a bar and they end up "hooking up" which means kisses and hugs and perhaps touching (no intimate touching). When a girl says "I´ve hooked up with Johannes a few times but we never took it further than that" she is saying "eu fiquei com o Johannes algumas vezes mais nunca fomos além disso". I think the only difference between this definition of "ficar" and the one Tom provided is that is does not include exclusivity. In Brazil at least from what I've noticed a boy and a girl "ficam" instead of "namoram" because both or at least one of them (usually the girl) does not want to go any further like having sex or choosing the other person as their oficial partner. "Hook up" além de significar "Ficar" tbm pode significar "encontar com". Por exemplo "I went to Florida where I hooked up with Tom and then we drove to California". "I hooked up with Jessica at the supermarket and we then went to a restaurant". Nesse caso a pessoa se encontrou com a Jessica no supermercado e depois os dois foram a um restaurante.

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