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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/JUL/2005 11:51 AM
Assunto:  Lingua franca / pidgin / creole
Mensagem:  When we cross the state line and visit Lousiana we often meet people who speak Creole. It's a French based patois that is very melodic. The sentence structure carries over into the way the Creole speakers form their English sentences and it's fun to talk with them. Yes, they are fun to speak with, yes. (See the double affirmative? They use that a lot. No, they don't even know it's happening, no.) Their influence (culture, music, love of sports, fishing and hunting) have spread along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. And they have really great food.....I had some last night: Lousiana blackened chicken breast in a bed of bread stuffing with crawfish, mushrooms, sausage and covered with a spicy sauce. It was so good and it was such a large portion that I didn't even have dessert (which is a miracle in that the restaurant is know for it's home made pies and cakes). [Oh, I should say.....we got a piece of coconut cream cake to bring home and enjoy today at lunch!!] Life is good in Hurricane Alley, Tom

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