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Autor:  Maurício
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/MAI/2003 3:54 PM
Assunto:  Texto - interpretação
Mensagem:  Olá a todos novamente. Eu gostaria de conferir se minhas respostas sobre a interpretação deste texto estão corretas. Após o texto tem 10 perguntas com as minhas respostas. Por favor, se vocês encontrarem algum erro me avisem e se possível me expliquem porque eu errei. Muito obrigado Maurício Segue o texto: "Mary Todd Lincoln, the daughter of Eliza Parker and Robert Smith Todd, was born on December 13, 1818, in Lexington, Kentucky. Although her family belonged to the aristocracy of the area, her childhood was marred by frequent hardship. Mary lost her mother at the early age of seven, and her father's later remarriage was remembered by Mary as "desolate". Mary was known, at that time, for her beauty, spirit and wit. She had clear blue eyes, light brown hair, and a fair complexion which won her many admires. Her intellect was also refined by the privileges of a fine education and a socially engaging private life. When she was nearly 21 years old, Mary moved to Springfield, Illinois, to live with her sister Ninian. It was there that she met Abraham Lincoln, who would later become the president of the USA. Their courtship was initially very unstable, but the couple endured one broken engagement to finally marry in 1842. Mary's confidence in her husband's ability and Lincoln's quiet patience with Mary's excitable ways forged a strong union that would las until Lincoln's death. In 1860, Mary became the America's new First Lady. Her years in the White House, as the wife of Abraham Lincoln, were both memorable and problematic. The American Civil War, which divided the nation during Lincoln's term in office, was also the cause of mixed feelings concerning the First Lady. She had been born in Kentucky, which caused southerns to consider her a traitor and northerns to be suspicious of her true allegiance to the Union. The most difficult trial, however, would come later, when Lincoln was assassinated in April of 1865. His death, which shocked the country, shattered Mary Todd Lincoln to such a degree that she would never recover. The final 17 years of Mary's life were filled with unhappiness. Mary went abroad in an attempt to reestablish herself, but she never trutly came to terms with reality. She lived in a world of illusions that was built upon her memories of the past. Mary Todd Lincoln passed away in 1882 at her sister's house in Springfield, Illinois." CHOOSE THE BEST ALTERNATIVE: 1. It is Mary Toddy Lincoln (who/that) is featured in this text. RESPOSTA- PORQUE MARY É O OBJETO. TÔ ERRADO? 2. The future Mrs. Lincoln, who (was supposed/supposed) to have had a difficult childhood, was born in the American South. RESPOSTA - WAS SUPPOSED 3. During her youth, she (has been/was) beautiful, spirited, and witty. RESPOSTA - WAS 4. Her sister Ninian lived in Springfield, Illinois. It was (she/her) that Mary went to live with at the age of nearly 21. RESPOSTA - HER 5. In Springfield, Illinois, Mary met Abraham Lincoln, who is supposed (have/to have) been one of America's greatest presidents. RESPOSTA - TO HAVE 6. (It is/it was) Lincoln who has been remembered by historians for his role in the American Civil War. RESPOSTA - IT IS 7. Lincoln fought to sustain the Union. It was (he/him) who prevented the USA from becoming two separate nations. RESPOSTA - HE 8. Because Mary Todd Lincoln was born in Kentucky, many southerns felt that she (wasn't/was) supposed to be loyal to the North. RESPOSTA - WASN'T 9. It was Lincoln's death (who/that) shattered Mary Todd Lincoln to such a degree that she would never recover. RESPOSTA - THAT 10. During the final 17 years of Mary's life, she (has been/was) unhappy, never coming to terms with her life alone. RESPOSTA - WAS

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