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Autor:  Tom
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Data:  30/JUL/2005 12:36 PM
Assunto:  To stake out

Neste sentido "to stake out" quer dizer vigiando.  The detectives were on an undercover stakeout.  They rented an apartment across the street from where the suspected PT member lived.  They watched him with special binoculars and filmed everything they could see through his windows.  The stakeout was no fun because the detectives had to be there twentyfour hours a day and they didn't have cable television. As such, they couldn't access the EMB forum.


While they were in the apartment the female detective staked out the only bedroom with a private bath.  That way she didn't have to cross the hall in her jammies during the night should the need arise.  The other detectives didn't mind until they realized how loudly the guy from Porto Alegre snored!  It was like an earthquake.  They wanted to stake him out and put honey on him and let the ants punish him for his snoring.


to stake out:   vigiar

to stake out something; to have dibs on something: proclamar que é p'ra voce mesmo antes dos outros fazer uma proclamação igual

to stake out something (like a body, an animal skin being dried, etc): estacar 

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