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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  27/MAI/2003 11:56 PM
Assunto:  Re: Spelling oddments
Mensagem:  Caro Pat Well, I am not graduated in Letras (The study of the language mainly our mother tongue and mainly to teach, I wonder if it can be called "Liberal Arts" in English) so I may be not so accurate: Look this chart nação (Portuguese) nación (Spanish) nazione (Italian) nation (French) nation (English) Nation (German) natie (Dutch) Nação =gt; NACional, NACionalista, NACionalidade. NAtion=gt; NATional, NATionalist, NaTionality. We can see that Portuguese (and Dutch further) differs to the rest of the cited languages in the "-ão" suffix, differing in pronunciation and speling. I don't know Dutch so I can't say why it differs so much from the other co-related languages. Look this old Portuguese text: "...qual em seu CORAÇOM desejava cada um." Demanda do Santo Graal (Quest for the Holy Graal) CORAÇOM=gt; coração (Heart -- and in Spanish:corazón) The cited text is from the translation of the Adventures of King Arthur, which came in Portugal about the end of the XIII century, we can not the ending -OM like in NOM ("não" in modern Portuguese and "no" in English) but these texts are quite irregular related to -ão, ã and -om finalisations, maybe the spelling followed the same way of the speech, for you can find things like "haverão" (future of haver like in modern Portuguese.) In the first text of Portuguese language (dated from 1189~1198, one day I can copy the text for you it's not big) one can find "NON". I've seen something like "compilaÇAM" (compilação-gt; compilation) about the 1400's. We can conclude (partially...) that the etymology of the words again represents a great deal when it comes to formation and derivation of the words. It's just a small pathway but hope that it gives you a hint. José Roberto PS: Source: NICOLA, José de. Língua, Literatura e Redação 1. Editora Spicione, São Paulo, 1992.

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