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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/SET/2005 2:33 PM
Assunto:  TOM -Fiscal / fiscalizar

The food and health inspectors can and do close restaurants and stores.


Here are some reasons why they do it:



no hot water to wash dishes

dirty bathroom for customers

refrigerator not cold enough

serving line for buffet not hot enough

spoiled food


They also give citations (like a parking ticket) or give the restaurant a poor grade if they find employees drinking or eating food while serving or cooking, if employees who handle food do not have on hair or beard nets, if the walls are dirty, if the ceiling is dirty (you know, like with little eggs from flies and stuff like that), etc.


In Alabama, just a few minutes drive from here, all restaurants and stores that sell food have their health inspection document in a special holder on the wall near the entrance.  That way every customer can see the results of the most recent inspection.  If the score is low many people will just turn around and walk out.  The inspections are fairly frequent and often un-announced.  The inspectors just show up and take over the place.   Don't even thing about bribes!!  If there is a court case because someone died after eating tainted food you better believe the Health Department doesn't want to be part of the culpable defendants. 


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