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Autor:  m robertson
E-mail:  getget@australia.edu
Data:  28/MAI/2003 7:16 PM
Assunto:  Better get used to it
Mensagem:  Ok, you’d like to know the difference between get used to, and used to.

Firstly the “get” has a sense of ‘become’ indicating a change of state (get old, get bored) – at first waking up at 6 was difficult but now I’m getting used to it.

As all the texts say, used to has 2 main possibilities.

I used to be a school student (referring to a past state).

I am used to being a school student (referring to the fact that for me it is a normal (sono abituato) situation).

These would appear to be the main uses.

Sometimes “would” can be substituted for the past state sense – it carries a more literary, narrative sense – “When we were children in the countryside we would (used to) go for picnics in the woods” – there is no sense of conditionality/lower probability etc – the remoteness aspect appears to relate to the activity being a distant memory.

get it!?!

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