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Autor:  Rodolfo
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/SET/2005 11:56 PM
Assunto:  Wizard (again)

With a few exceptions of more traditional churches, all religious organizations specialize in making money. The demand for English in Brazil is huge, offering an attractive opportunity for profit. Since the church has the recipe but is not supposed to get involved in this kind of business, why not offer this opportunity to the church members?  So, Wizard got the blessings of the mormon church and adapted their course books used with the missionaries-to-be to teach them foreign languages, to the teaching of English in Brazil. You see the connection? Mr. Carlos Wizard Martins, the head franchiser, is a  Church of Latter Day Saints member and as far as I know, many of the Wizard franchisees are mormon church members too.


I don't thing the name Wizard comes from the name of its founder. I thing it's the other way around. As part of the marketing frenzy, the creator of the brand name decided to include it into his own name for added authenticity.


If somebody thinks my interpratation is wrong, please correct me providing the right facts.


Senhor Carlos Wizard Martins, tenha a gentileza de me corrigir se minha interpretação não estiver correta.

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