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Autor:  Tom
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Data:  07/SET/2005 5:58 PM
Assunto:  To Tom:dandelion wine/white lightening

Stock car legend has it that the first racers were moonshiners ( country folks who worked under the open sky at night, with the moon shining down on them as illumination), men who distilled illegal corn whiskey and raced their cars along dusty dirt roads to get away from the police. Usually their cars were much faster than those of the police. Moonshiners who wanted to test their driving skills got together for their first race on a dirt track in the mid-1930s. The races soon drew hundreds of fans. Soon the sport became more organized. Bill France (1909–1972) staged the first race in Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1936. The race took place on a 4-mile track that was part packed sand, part paved road. Bill Cummings won the race with an average speed of 70.39 miles per hour. With this race, organized stock car racing was born.


Stock cars are supposed to be regular cars from the factory which are then changed just a little bit to make them faster. 

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