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Autor:  Lou
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/SET/2005 10:43 AM
Assunto:  Auxiliary verb

I don't know when it is necessary to use the auxiliary verb or not , I saw some sentences without the auxiliary , are they correct? Which one is correct and why :

"Which team won ? or "which team did win?"

"How many people work here ?" or "How many people do work here ?"

"How many people you see " or   " How many people do you see ?

Laura you don't use auxiliaries when who/what/which is the 'subject' of the sentence.


When you say for example:
Jennifer called somebody....(somebody is the object)

Who DID Jennifer call??



Somebody called Jennifer...(somebody is the subject)


Who called Jennifer?? (no auxiliary here)


Got it??:)

Stay safe,


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