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Autor:  Moleque
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/SET/2005 6:59 PM
Assunto:  Matchboxes

I think the only people who still do this live in the country.....farmers, cowboys, lumberjacks and teenagers who want to be cool.


In the old days, when people wore shoes made of leather (with an upper part and a sole) it was considered a neat trick to give someone a "hot foot" as a surprise. 


Here's how it works.  You need and instigator and a victim.


The instigator (let's call him Dalezinho) would decide to play the trick.  Maybe he wanted to play the trick on his uncle Johannes (the victim). 


Dalezinho would wait for Johannes to take a nap.  Then he would take one of Johannes' shoes and work a matchstick deep between the sole of the shoe and the upper part -- usually in the part of the shoe under the arch where it would not be noticed.  The idea was to stick the match inside far enough that some of the wood would actually be inside the shoe.  The head of the matchstick would remain on the outside of the shoe with just a little of the wood showing, sort of like the fuse on a firecracker.  Johannes would wake up from his nap and slip his feet into his shoes (if I remember correctly, someone told me that Johannes always wore loafers -- shoes with no shoe laces).  Dalezinho would wait for Johannes to sit on the porch or maybe fall asleep listening to the radio (television had not yet arrived in most homes.....everyone listened to the radio).  Then Dalezinho would quietly.....very quietly....sneak in and use a lighted match to set the head of the match sticking out of the shoe on fire.  The match would flare and burn.  As the wood part of the match smoldered and burned Johannes would come flying out of the chair with murder on his mind.  First, he had to pull off his shoe.  Next, he had to see if his sock was burned.  Then he had to find something to throw at Dalezinho who inevitably was doing today what we call ROFL. 


For days Dalezinho feared payback.  You don't even want to know that Johannes did.  It's for adults only.

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