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Autor:  Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/SET/2005 5:26 AM
Assunto:  english 101

                     I remember this formula from high school concerning essays.


                        1st paragraph

                State the subject and your point of view regarding the subject. Then include the reasons you will use to defend your point of view. In this example 3 reasons will defend the point of view.


                      2nd paragraph

                   Argue the validity of your first reason


                    3rd paragraph

                Argue the validity of your second reason


                    4th paragraph

                 Argue the validity of your third reason


                   5th paragraph

                  Wrap it up by stating your point of view again and the arguments you defended. This is basically a repetition of the 1st paragraph but written differently and usually with fewer words.


                        Then hand it your essay. If teacher is female compliment her on perfume and general appearance. If she is single  say that you know johannes and that he is single again and looking for a new , serious romance. If teacher is male compliment his football or soccer team. If they are doing poorly show distress and confusion on why they don´t make the changes your teacher things should be made.

                      Apple optional.



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