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Autor:  Tiago
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/SET/2005 11:58 AM
Assunto:  some words

1. What would be a proper term for mauricinho and patricinha? 

This question has already been answered by Ricardo (EMB). His anwer was:

You can use the expression "teeny-bopper", which means a young teenager, specially a girl, who keenly follows the latest fashions in clothes and pop music.

But in my opinion the Portuguese expressions have a wider meaning, including 2 concepts:

- lack of skepticism in the sense that such a person is easily influenced - a copycat, - somebody that goes with the crowd.

- frivolousness and implied upper middle class status by dressing like others and going to fashionable places.

Therefore I suggest you explain using the words: he/she is a frivolous rich brat that goes with the crowd.

2. Does the name foo in Foo Fighters mean anything or is it just a name for the band?

The word foo can be a contraction of fool or foolish (UrbanDictionary.com). I am not sure if this meaning applies to the band's name.

3. How can I say prestação de serviço in English? 

You can say sercive rendering, according to Webster's Dictionary (Inglês/Português).

4. Have you ever heard this don't do like for 1ike, what does it mean?

I have never heard this expressions. Besides, Google does not show helpful matches for the expression. Could you provide us with a context? Is number 1 replacing letter l intentionally in the word 1ike?

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