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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  09/SET/2005 2:06 PM
Assunto:  some words

Don't do like for 1ike = Don't respond to mistreatment with the same mistreatment.  "Don't do tit for tat."


Someone steals your pen.  You still his.  You are doing like for like, tit for tat.


Possibly "Foo Fighters" is just an invented term.  I vaguely remember hearing the expression "foo gas", possibly a corruption of "fougasse" which is a corruption of a French military term for a type of mine or bobbytrap.  As I recall, "foo gas" is a form of napalm.  It was used in Vietnam to cremate attackers who got too close to a fortification.  Barrels or drums of it could be exploded on command. 



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