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Autor:  marco
E-mail:  marcofabeni@hotmail.com
Data:  12/SET/2005 9:41 AM
Assunto:  play dolls or with dolls

play 1   /pleI/ verb Word family

 1 SPORTS/GAMES [I,T] When you play a sport or game, you take part in it.
You play tennis, don't you Sam?
We often used to play cards.
I used to play netball for my school.
I'm playing Tony (= playing against Tony) at squash tonight.
Two of the team weren't playing because they were injured.
Newcastle are playing against Arsenal tonight.

 2 CHILDREN [I,T] When children play, they enjoy themselves with toys and games.
"She likes playing with her dolls."
Emma won't play with me.

 3 MUSIC [I,T] to make music with a musical instrument
Tim was playing the piano.

 4 RECORD/RADIO [I,T] If a radio, record, etc plays, it produces sounds, or if you play a radio, record, etc you make it produce sounds.
A radio was playing in the background.
He plays his records late into the night.


From  Cambridge Lerner's Dictionary.

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