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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/SET/2005 12:36 AM
Assunto:  shipment X cargo

Good question.  Until you get a better answer...


I see "cargo" as what is carried on an airplane, train, ship, etc.

I see "shipment" as all the goods, merchandise, etc. that are being sent between the same two points.


A ship may have a cargo of meat being sent from Buenos Aires (the capital of Brazil, of course) and San Francisco (the capital of California, of course).  However, the cargo may include several shipments between several sellers and buyers.  In other words, some of the meat comes from Hacienda Schmidt, Estancia Fierro, Chuletas Cholila, etc. and some of the buyers include Safeway Stores, Ralph's Supermarkets, Stater Brothers' Supermarkets, etc.


An airplane may be carrying a cargo of shoes, but that doesn't mean that all the shoes were made by the same factory and were being sent to the same buyere.  It is very possible that the cargo consists of several shipments between several manufacturers and several warehouses.


José Cuervo Tequila is sending shipments to buyers in Texas, Arizona, and California.  All the shipments are going on the same airplane.  The cargo of the airplane is tequila.


Does this sound correct?

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