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Autor:  Tiago
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/SET/2005 10:07 PM
Assunto:  Verbos de Origem Latina

I tried to come up with more common English verbs with Latin root. I had never notice that, but all the verbs I found are regular! Therefore, the rule seems to apply.


The following verbs are all regular and come from Latin:


act: partly from Latin actus (doing, act), from agere (to drive, do); partly from Latin actum (thing done, record), from neuter of actus, past participle of agere

close: from Latin claudere (to shut, close)

commit: from Latin committere (to connect, entrust)

compose: from Latin componere (perfect indicative composui)

emerge: from Latin emergere

fix: from Latin fixus, past participle of figere (to fasten)

immerse: from Latin immersus, past participle of immergere

progress: from Latin progressus (advance), from progredi (to go forth)

recede: from Latin recedere (to go back)

refer: from Latin referre (to bring back, report, refer)

reverse: from Latin reversus, past participle of revertere (to turn back)

revolve: from Latin revolvere (to roll back, cause to return)


Etymology taken from Merriam-Webster Online.

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