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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  26/SET/2005 12:48 PM
Assunto:  a neat site to visit

I found a neat site that might help people learn American English.


It's a blog called www.radioblogger.com

and at the site you find links to the radio broadcast imbedded with the text of the broadcasts. 


Anyone can click on the link to the broadcast and then after the audio starts just minimize that screen and follow the text.


I really like the transcript of General Honoré speaking to the press on 20 September which is at the section called "Don't Get Stuck on Stupid" in which he is explaining that the evacuation from New Orleans before Hurricane Rita will not be done the way it wasn't done properly for Hurricane Katrina.  The general doesn't use the most perfect grammar (he uses words like "ain't") but he gets his message across. 


Listening to these audio is like listening to the news.

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 a neat site to visit  –  Tom  26/SET/2005, 12:48 PM

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