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Autor:  breno
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/SET/2005 1:13 AM
Assunto:  Rappel/abseiling

Both terms have the same meaning. You could also say "roping down". When  rappeling you have complete control of the speed of your descent. Some climbers find it too dangerous and they prefer to downclimb.

What was described as abseiling is actually "toproping" used usually by beginners. In this method, the rope is always above the climber. It's very safe.

The belayer (the person that manages the rope to safeguard a climber against a fall) uses his body as counterweight. There are several devices to slow the descent: "figure eight" "ATC", "gri-gri". The friction between them and the rope breaks the climber's fall.  


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