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Autor:  Dale/.RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/SET/2005 6:56 PM
Assunto:  Japanese/English

I suggest you get a hold of a list of kana (katakana and/or hiragana) characters and get a grasp of the very limited sounds in the Japanese language.  It only has about 50 basic sounds, but that number can be stretched to about 150.  (HA can be changed to BA and PA, CHI plus YO can make CHO, CHO can be altered to JO, etc.)  Take a look at "gairaigo", foreign words used by the Japanese.  Note how they must be written and pronounced by Japanese speakers.  When I was a kid in Japanese school years ago, I became Deiru To-masu.   That was about as close as they could come to Dale Thomas.  Baseball was beisuboru, California was (I think) Karifonia, Spanish was Supein-go (Spain+language), Mexico was Mekishiko, etc.  The only ending consonant is "N" (Hon = book), although sometimes you will hear TSU at the end of a word pronounced "ts" (Kiretsu! = Kirets! = Attention!).  You will note that the Japanese language simply isn't set up to make complex sounds such as those found in European languages:  fiddler, baseball, horseshoe, stroganoff, barley, corn, train, streetcar, etc.  Good luck! 

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