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Autor:  Dale/RS
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Data:  03/OUT/2005 5:35 AM
Assunto:  Odor vs Smell - Snare vs Trap

I can't think of a difference between odor and smell.  Either can be positive or negative.  Feet can have an odor or a smell, and bakeries can have an odor or a smell.  A smell can be pleasant or unpleasant.  And there are other words such as aroma, fragrance, scent....


A snare is a form of a trap.  It uses a wire, cable, cord, etc. to hold or strangle the prey.  Typically the animal puts its head into a noose, tension on the noose dislodges a trigger, the trigger dislodges a spring of some kind (possibly a bent branch or a weight), and the spring action lifts the animal by its neck off the ground.  The weight of the animal strangles it.  Snares are commonly used to kill rabbits, but snares (especially those that ensnare the foot or feet) work on birds too. 


There are many kinds of traps.  A deadfall crushes the animal, often with the weight of a log.  Others are in the form of a cage or box that keep the animal from escaping.  Others hold the animal, usually by the leg.  I've never seen it happen, but I've heard stories of animals in steel traps that would chew off a foot to escape.  I've seen traps in Brazil that fire a shotgun round into the animal.  (I saw these traps at a police display in Bauru, SP.)  One of my uncles was a government hunter in Colorado, USA.  He used a trap that would fire a poison gas (cyanide?) into the face of the animal (usually a wolf or coyote) that had disturbed the trap by biting and pulling on the bait, a rag smelling of rancid meat.  As a kid I used a gopher trap that would stab the gopher in its sides with sharp prongs.  The typical mouse or rat trap crushes the animal.


The US Navy , the US Air Force, and the Australian Army have excellent survival books showing how to use traps and snares to survive.  Some of the best books about this subject come from from Nordic countries.  There is nothing gentle about traps.  They are designed to kill the animal or keep it from escaping. 



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