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Autor:  Dale/RS
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Data:  04/OUT/2005 6:42 PM
Assunto:  Hotel fazenda

Yes, the concept of Hotel Fazenda (sometimes called a "dude ranch") exists in the USA.  In the West the emphasis is on horses and ranching, not on farming with chickens, milk cows, etc.  Although the "dude ranch" is associated with stays of a week or more, I used to live in an area where the weekend "dude ranch" was common. 


A "dude", by the way is something from the city who tends to overdress when he is in the country:  loud shirts, exaggerated hats, etc.  Although city dwellers (called "city slickers" in the country) accept the term, among country people it can be an insult.


If the facility stresses animals and country living, I think "country inn" would not be used.  An inn is much like a "pousada".  Perhaps it has cabins, and perhaps all the rooms are in one building, more or less like a hotel.


The "bed and breakfast" can be found in the city or the country.  It's not unusual to find one operating in a private home.  In Lake Arrowhead (California) I know of two such establishments that had been houses of ill repute in the 1930s.  The rooms are named after the ladies of the evening who once resided there.  Both are near a large house once owned by Bugsy Segal, a well known gangster who is sometimes called the father of Las Vegas.  There is a tunnel running under the street between the house and at least one of the former bordellos.  (I say "at least" because for years I had heard there was one tunnel, but about a year ago I learned there were two.  I knew a woman who worked as a housekeeper in one of the bed and breakfasts, and she confirmed the existence of one of the tunnels.)  Yes, I'm being quite serious.

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