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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/OUT/2005 5:45 PM
Assunto:  To forget (place)

Johannes is right on the money (certinho).


A related problem is "perder".  As I was telling a friend lately, we lose articles and things (keys, wallets, soccer games, our minds, etc.) but we miss concerts, opportunities, airplanes, trains, buses, lectures, etc. 


Can you lose a girlfriend?  Certainly.  You have a fight, she gets mad, and she leaves you for your cousin.  You've lost her.  Or you go to Disneyland, and somehow she disappears in the crowd.  Where is she?  Probably she's still at Disneyland, but wherever she is now, you lost her. 


Can you miss a girlfriend?  Certainly.  You can miss her in the "saudades" sense (you want to see her again), or...you can miss her in the sense that she was waiting for you at the park, she left, and you arrived five minutes later.  You missed her by five minutes.




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