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Autor:  mrob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/OUT/2005 6:16 PM
Assunto:  Relative Pronoun

Firstly, I can’t answer your question, and, secondly, I acknowledge Johannes’ point about the value of theory as opposed to practice … that said …


Do the publishers provide more information of examples and uses in the book?


Is there some sort of broader discussion? 


What level is this book? 


Is there any substantial discussion of the reason or the purported distinction between a relative pronoun and whatever this is supposed to be?


In the first example – when: seems to equal “in which” although I suppose it could be substituted with “because”.  So perhaps we are dealing with an adverb or a conjunction.


In the second example – when: seems to equal “at which time”


It is certainly a minor point in the overall scheme of things but if we can assist to clarify then happy to help. Perhaps you could provide more info/context to help us help you.


The usual problems with relative pronouns relate to the zero pronoun or use of whom.


What are the “thats” in the following sentence?
Which must be kept and which can be got rid of?


I said that that that that that man wrote is in the wrong place.”



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