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Autor:  Rick Leal
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/OUT/2005 11:10 AM
Assunto:  To forget (place)

I couldn’t agree more with you, Dale.


I believe language, in general, is arbitrary. As far as English is concerned, when my students ask why some specific grammatical structure is formed in a certain way I often give them the only possible accurate answer, which is inevitably “Because English is like that.”


I also tell my co-workers (all teachers of English) not to rely so much on grammar rules, for the English language has been changing so rapidly through time and through contact with other languages, that the same has been happening to its grammar.


I read somewhere that “Grammar is what makes English a school subject”. But, ironically, all of us acquire a very good grasp of our first language, and many of us learn a second language, without any kind of formal instruction.

David Wilkins never spoke a truer word when he said that “without grammar little can be conveyed, whereas without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.”


Anyway, I must say that I’m honoured to be able to take part in this forum.


Bye for now,

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