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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/OUT/2005 8:26 PM
Assunto:  Festa de peão / artesanal

I've never heard of a rodeo festival, cowboy party, etc.  I'm not saying that these events do not take place, but I'm saying I've never heard the above terms for the festivities.  Possibly we are translating from Portuguese into English without any regards for what is commonly said in English.


As a kid in Arizona I remember the Silver Spur.  This was a rodeo, parade, etc.  In another state (Nevada?) they have Eldorado (El Dorado?) days.  Between Los Angeles and Las  Vegas they have an annual event called "Old Calico Days".  Calico is the name of a ghost town.  Around 1890 it had 30,000 inhabitants.  By 1930 maybe it had 10.  For a few years it was a major source of silver in California, not gold.


When I lived in Apple Valley, California, I think there was a festival called "Old Timer Days".  Or maybe it was "Forty Niner Days".  In those days you could still find wild burros in the desert.  An annual burro race was organized.  It ended at Big Bear Lake.  It took a several days and several cases of beer to complete it.  An entrant drew a burro in a lottery.  He then had to find a way to get the burro to accompany him from the starting point to the finish line.  But...how?  When was the last time a burro wanted to go where you wanted to go, and he was in a hurry too?


By the way, "Forty Niner" is American slang for gold prospector.  The first major discovery of gold was in 1848 in Central California.  By the time the news had reached the East and men started arrivin in California, it was already 1849.


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