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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/OUT/2005 10:43 AM
Assunto:  Thing & stuff

Mensagem:  1-A palavra stuff significa ''coisa '' assim como thing? Por exemplo, nas frases abaixo:

I don't belive in all that stuff.

He did the right stuff. The wrong stuff.

Fun stuff.

Seria possível substituir sem problema por thing, tanto em relação ao significado como gramaticalmente?


Yes, you can say "I don't believe in all those things." 

Stuff is coisas, opiniões, bugiganga, coisa inutil, etc


He has a lot of stuff on the floor of his car.  It's a pigsty.


There is too much stuff in this paragraph; break it down into smaller thought units and it will make more sense to the reader.


2- Another question: O que significa to do errands?

Bobby does a lot of errands.


an errand is a missão


When you leave the house you want to stop at the laundry and drop off a bundle of clothes to be washed, stop at the post office and buy postage stamps, drop in at city hall and pay your parking tickets, drive through the car wash and then pick up a dozen doughnuts for a party.   That's doing your errands. 


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