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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  12/OUT/2005 6:11 PM
Assunto:  Jogar verde

Alô Pessoal!
I looked this up this morning but thought a more bilingual person might be able to help because what I found was contradictory. The "books" say "jogar verde" and "plantar verde para colher maduro" mean the same thing, but the English translations vary.
A Dictionary of Informal Brazilian Portuguese has:
Jogar verde: to bait the hook, ask leading questions
(same as "plantar verde para colher maduro")

 Michaelis has the above, with an "o": "plantar verde para colher o maduro" and says it means "to beat around the bush" – definitely something different.
So I got confused. I'm sure now it is used in the baiting/questioning sense, like Johannes and Andre' wrote, not this beating around the bush sense. The context would help.
The sample sentence from "Informal Br Portuguese" is:
Não caio nessa, que você está plantando verde para colher maduro.
It almost sounds like setting a trap (armar a armadilha) but usually not in a serious situation. To bait the hook can mean this also (doesn't have to mean an actual worm, p.e., on a hook to catch a fish – note the article "the" is used not "a" – that's how you can tell).
I think the Michaelis definition is incorrect and don't know where it could have originated.
Here's what Houiass (Portuguese) says for "locuções under "verde":

jogar v.
 m.q. plantar verde para colher maduro
plantar v. para colher maduro
 sondar habilmente alguém, dizendo algo que provoque uma confissão ou uma informação que não conseguiria com uma indagação franca; jogar verde
Hope this helps :)
Abraços a todos,

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