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Autor:  Marco
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/OUT/2005 1:14 PM
Assunto:  Guys para mulheres
Mensagem:  Read numbem 2, You can use the word "guys" for a group of people - men and womem - but just call a woman guy, I don't know, I think all depends on the context. I watch a movie where two women were having an argument, then one of them call the other man. How I sad, I think all depends on the context. Definition guy Show phonetics noun [C] 1 INFORMAL a man: He's a really nice guy. Do you mean the guy with the blonde hair and glasses? 2 MAINLY US guys used to address a group of people of either sex: Come on, you guys, let's go. 3 in the UK, a model of a man that is burnt on a large fire on Guy Fawkes Night (from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)On-line

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