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Autor:  Dale/RS
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/OUT/2005 12:32 PM
Assunto:  Raquel/curso de inglês, novamente

Raquel, it is unfortunate that you brought up that question in this forum.  After years of running a pawn shop in Argentina and a churrascaria somewhere in Rio Grande do Sul while becoming addicted to the "America" soap opera, Adolph has decided to learn English, head north, and open a combination pizzeria-Jewish delicatessen  in Hollywood.  Your indiscretion means, of course, that the boys from Odessa will be calling on you some time soon.  Measures must be taken.   


What kind of a fruitcake uses that kind of e-mail address?  Apparently the poor boy has a social calendar in such a whirl that he hasn't had time to read any history books since 1933.


Seriously, I applaud your alert eyes.  The "1889" is, of course, the year the Austrian corporal hatched.  Can you believe his hometown wanted to celebrate?  Idiots.


Years ago I dated a Viennese, Monika.  Dad had been in the Hitler Jugend.  Austrian kids didn't have any choice.  I enjoyed talking with the gentleman about his youth.  Gramps had been in the Sicherdienst.  Monika assured me that Gramps hadn't been in the Gestapo.  Actually, the Gestapo would probably be a step up from the SD, the counter-intelligence branch of the SS.  In occupied territories, the SD often targeted ethnic groups for extermination.  The old boy must have been quite a character, regardless of what he had done in Austria.  He was sanctioned for wearing a moustache.  His defense made sense:  "If our Fuhrer can wear one, so can I."  His superiors backed off, and he continued to wear a moustache.  Captured by the Russians at the end of the war, he worked so hard to help a Jewish doctor in a prison camp that he was rewarded with a very early release.  By 1947-1948, he was back in Austria.  Only a tiny fracton of SS prisoners in German hands survived captivity (1%?), and survivors continued to return to Austria and Germany for many years.  I don't know what Gramps had done before and during the war, but afterwards he must have really made a difference. 


Again, you have the eyes of an eagle!


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