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Autor:  Ongui
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/OUT/2005 2:41 PM
Assunto:  Re: Post-Krashen Theories
Mensagem:  Hola Jonas.  I am studying English as a Second Language and to tell you the truth the more I read Krashen the more I disbelieve in what he says.  He do his study with children from California that most of them are not bilingual and they start from scratch.  Us in Puerto Rico we HAVE to take an English class every year of our Public School years (12 yrs) So some things do not apply to us that we speak our native language Spanish but all the children carry CD's in English, we see cable TV in English and we go to clubs that the majority of the music is in English.  The only thing (bad) that its against us is that we are so afraid to speak English because if someone else makes fun of us we just continue speaking in Spanish and that is that.  I need more information of Krashen and lets keep comunicating.  You could send my letter to Miguel too.  I do not speak fluently this language but I could defend myself.  Yes I dream in Spanish and in English.  But if I have to speak I am translating and sometimes my sentence come out crooked.  Ha Ha!  So long  and like the new generation say Cya.  Meaning See You..

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