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Autor:  J. Santana
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/OUT/2005 6:53 PM
Assunto:  Power of Attorney

Dear Ana M.


Thank you very much for helping me. I am sending the whole text where I saw the expression "any itself". I hope it can help you understand the context, OK?


J. Santana.



Hereby, ample, complete and sufficient Power of attorney is granted to you, so that jointly or separately in our name and behalf appear in action before any kind of Administrative or Judicial Authorities and natural or juridical private persons, to present any kind of legal actions, applications and writs; to carry out any kind of procedure; to intervene in diligences, to answer interrogatories, to desist, to abandon procedures and authorize with your signature all kind of documents; to pay fees taxes and any other expense that may be necessary for the constitution, obtainment, maintenance and defense of our Industrial , Intellectual and Artistic Property Rights and Breeder’s Certificate of Plant Varieties  in the Mexican Republic, such as Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Models and Designs, Lay-out Designs of Integrated Circuits Plant Varieties, Trademarks, Service Marks , Trade Names, Commercial Advertisements or Slogans, Industrial Secrets and Copyrights to renew them, demonstrate their use or exploitation, as well as filing oppositions or consents related to Trademark Registration Applications of third parties, to perform restrictions, voluntary cancellations and clarifications over our registrations; to hear, receive, reply and resort to any notification and resolution ; to promote Appeal  Lawsuits (Amparos) or appear in court to such lawsuits as injured third party; to apply for Administrative Declarations of Nullity, Cancellation or Extinction of third parties registrations or infringements of Patents Trademarks, Plant Varieties, Lay-out Designs of Integrated Circuits Industrial Secrets and any Industrial Intellectual or Artistic Property Rights; to file complaints, denouncements, grant pardon and any itself, all the inherent faculties to a General Power of Attorney for litigations and collections, granted with all the general faculties and the special ones which require special clause, according to the Law, including those ones  to substitute total or partially the Present Power of Attorney; to confirm or to revoke any previous action taken by you or by any third person in our behalf. This Mandate revokes any other previously granted to any different person or persons from the ones hereby authorized, for the purposes specified in this instrument.

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