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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/OUT/2005 10:48 AM
Assunto:  White knuckle driving

For the record....Hurricane Wilma did not come to the north of Florida where I live.  We have beautiful fall weather.  The sky is blue, there is a stiff breeze from Canada and the high waves at the beach are now starting to get smaller.  Today they are flying the yellow flag which means people can go into the water to swim but they must exercise caution.  Maybe by tomorrow we will be back to the green flag and it will be considered safe to swim. 


Around here people are still rebuilding from Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis.  Many homes are being demolished.  Some people will rebuild.  Others have decided to sell their land and move away from the beach. 


We are getting ready for Halloween.  It's lots of fun.  In fact, once again it's time for the holiday bowling game called Cat Bowling. You know that witches always have plenty of cats around the house.  Why not use them as bowling pins?


Turn your speakers on and warm up your space bar....


Go to:



Enjoy.........oh, and don't tense up....this isn't a game that will get you white knuckled.

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