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Autor:  Tiago
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/OUT/2005 7:41 PM
Assunto:  Skills/Abilities
Mensagem:  Na minha opinião, ability e skill significam a mesma coisa. Mas eu achei um texto que diferencia os termos:

Ability is the mental or physical power to do something: “To make a fortune some assistance from fate is essential. Ability alone is insufficient” (Ihara Saikaku).
Skill stresses ability acquired or developed through experience: “The intellect, character and skill possessed by any man are the product of certain original tendencies and the training which they have received” (Edward L. Thorndike).

Extraído de:

Além de comparar ability e skill, o texto completo ainda diferencia capacity, faculty e competence.

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